Other surgery

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In some cases wisdom teeth do not erupt as normally expected or there may not be enough space for them to erupt. In both cases there is a need for removal of the teeth.

This can be done in two ways

Extraction of the tooth is used when it is relatively accessible and is not impacted in the jaw bone.
Another option is to remove the tooth by using the procedure of amotio which is a surgical procedure. It is a more demanding procedure to carry out, and therefore it can also leave more discomfort after the treatment. Normally there will be a few stitches after the removal of the tooth to ease the healing process.

Bone re-construction and grafting

In cases where there is insufficient bone to insert implants, it may be necessary to insert artificial bone or perform a bone transplant from one place to the desired place of the future implant. This causes a further healing period before the implant can be inserted.


A biopsy may be taken when there is a need for determining a diagnosis when there is uncertainty with respect to the diagnosis.

Periodontal surgery

Under the circumstance that there are persisting bleeding deep gingival pockets despite sufficient oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings, a correction of the gums can be carried out with an extensive cleaning of the teeth.

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